Bitcoin price exceeds $ 10,000 Incredible

Known as the first official cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is an electronic currency or currency for users to exchange money , made with the aim of presenting a new, more effective and safe method; The bitcoin price currently exceeds nine thousand US dollars.

How Bitcoin arises

Bitcoin had its origin a decade ago, and its main goal is to serve as a means of handling and transferring money that only the Internet uses; This does not depend on government entities or banks and all their policies;  That makes it a unique and fresh method for the market today.

Already at present this cryptocurrency is one of the most popular within this market, and being so it is normal for the bitcoin price to be one of the highest due to its popularity within the competition . In order to use it, people must install software known as miners .

Bitcoin price, an amount that exceeds nine thousand dollars

The prices in this market are always fluctuating; due to the incessant competition of the other cryptocurrencies; But Bitcoin has always stood out for being one of the most used in this medium, and nowadays its price is higher than the ten thousand US dollars.

This increase in value has not been seen for more than a year; the price fluctuated due to the changes that are occurring within the amount of new cryptocurrencies that arise every day, hoping to achieve the popularity of bitcoin.

This puts bitcoin within the range of the five most used cryptocurrencies worldwide;  thus maintaining its popularity and rank within the electronic currency trade, maintaining such a price; However, it is not that simple.

Experts in these cryptocurrencies claim that, if prices continue to fall, another of the competing currencies may come to dethrone bitcoin from its first places and thus become more popular within users; as new changes arise every day, making this market a somewhat unstable place.

It is also estimated that the price of ten thousand dollars was exceeded and that bitcoinreached a price greater than ten thousand three hundred US dollars , thus achieving one of the greatest achievements in its history as a cryptocurrency since it was taken out for use of the public

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