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Can I meet with a lawyer before deciding to hire him?
A. A lawyer will usually meet with you briefly or talk to you on the phone so that you both can become familiar. This meeting is an opportunity to talk with the lawyer before making a final hiring decision. In many cases, there is no charge for an initial consultation. However, to be on the safe side, ask about the rates before you mark your first consultation. lawyerDuring this meeting, you can decide if you want to hire that lawyer. Many people feel nervous or intimidated when they meet with lawyers, but remember that you are the one who is hiring, and the most important thing is that you are satisfied with what you are receiving for your money. Before making any hiring decisions, you can ask some questions to help in your evaluation. lawyer

Q. What kind of questions should I ask a lawyer?
A. Ask about the lawyer’s experience and areas of practice. How long does the lawyer practice the law? What kind of legal problems does the lawyer handle most often? Are most clients individuals or companies?

Q. Is it appropriate to ask the lawyer if someone else will be working on my case?
A. Since you are the only one who pays the bill, it is well within your rights. Ask if employees such as paralegals or law enforcement officials will be used in the investigation or preparation of the case. If yes, will there be separate charges for your services? Who will be consulted if the lawyer is not sure about some aspects of his case? Will the lawyer recommend another lawyer or firm if he or she can not handle your case?

Q. I met a lawyer who was told by another lawyer. Should I be in rage?
A. Probably not. Occasionally, a lawyer will suggest that another person from the same company or an outside lawyer take care of your problem. Perhaps the original lawyer is too busy to give his case all the attention he deserves. Maybe your problem demands the experience of another. Nobody likes to feel that a lawyer is transferring him to another lawyer. However, most transfers and referrals occur for good reason. Do not hesitate to request a meeting with the new lawyer to make sure you are comfortable with him or her. lawyer

Q. What, in particular, should I ask about fees and costs?
A. How are the fees charged – per hour, per case or value earned? How much money will be necessary to deal with the case from start to finish? When you must pay the bill? You can pay in the plots? Request a written statement explaining how and what charges will be charged, and a monthly statement showing the specific services rendered and the charge for each.

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